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  Edlund SouthBend Amco
  Edlund #625-JF Series
Air-Powered Crown-Punch
Can Openers

625 Air-Powered
Crown Punch

  Edlund's heavy-duty air-powered crown punch is ideal for food processors and high-volume operators.

How can Edlund 625-JF Series Can Openers Can Pay For Themselves In As Little As 90 Days.

Helios™ UV
Knife Sterilizer Cabinet

Edlund Helios UV Knife Sterilizer Cabinet KSUV-18-JF

  Our new KSUV-18-JF Knife Sterilizer Cabinet provides superior sterilization compared to other methods or products using magnetic bars or metal racks to secure the knives. Our exclusive non-filtering clear slotted knife holder and special mirrored interior walls eliminate shadows on knife surfaces within the cabinet that could prevent complete sterilization. easy to operate mechanical timer can be set for up to 15 minutes, but the KSUV-18-JF will safely sterilize your knifes in as little as 3 minutes with 99% efficacy**. It's like a SPF-99 (Sterilization Protection Factor) for your knives.

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Custom Built Cooking Equipment

Southbend TVGS-12SC custom low profile convection oven with range top

Southbend, manufacturing since the late 1800's, is recognized as a leader in heavy-duty, commercial cooking equipment. With constant new equipment innovations for today's cooking trends in heavy-duty, commercial cooking equipment. Southbend products are considered the best in the industry by chefs, consultants and experienced industry professionals.

The New "NRG" System
Convection Ovens

Southbend NRG SLG12 Series - SLGS12/SC SLGS12/CCH SLGB12/SC SLGB12/CCH

  Full size convection oven with the new "NRG" fuel saving system. Looking for cooking power paired with fuel saving economy? The new NRG system offers unrelenting power with an energy saving conscience.

NRG is a system that saves 35-50% in operational costs by use of a patented damping system.

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Refrigeration Systems

Amco Refrigeration Systems

  AMCO is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial refrigeration for the food and beverage industry in America

Comprehensive partner networks across America enable us to consistently deliver a quality assured product and service to all our customers.

Quality means everything to us. We use only high quality raw materials at each stage of construction. Each and every unit is individually tested before leaving the factory.

Our R&D team are constantly looking to create new and better quality cooling solutions for retail environment.

By choosing "AMCO", you are choosing:

• Superior temperature performance
• Reliable in Extreme Conditions
• Operational reliability
• Energy Savings
• Freon Saving
• A product that meets legislative food product temperature requirements
• A service that will exceed your expectations time after time

You can rely on AMCO, allowing you to focus on the more important issues of running a successful business.
We are here for you, to find the best solution for your needs. With "AMCO" as your partner you can sleep well at nights and focus on the more important issues, without having to worry about operational breakdowns, excessive energy consumption, or meeting legislative food temperature requirements.

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